Thursday, January 31, 2013

EasyPush: Uploading Multiple iOS Devices (Using CMS Import)

As I'm sure you can imagine in any corporate environment where the decision has been made to deploy iPads (and/or iPhones) keeping track of them can be a real problem. Luckily we have MobileIron which allows us to export details of all the iPads in a territory but how do we go about getting that information into EasyPush? Sure you could entered them individually but that could take weeks or months. Much better to do a batch upload.

This functionality is burried with the "Developer" section of EasyPush (look at the bottom left of the screen);

EasyPush: Sections
 Clicking on the "Developer" section changes the Navigator view to give you the Developer options;

EasyPush: Developer Section
It is the bottom option you're after, CMS Import, you need to expand this and then click on the "Import Data" node which is directly beneath it. The main part of the screen now displays the Import Data Wizard;

EasyPush: Import Wizard Intro
Click "Next" to continue;

EasyPush: Import Wizard > Select Datasource Type
By far the easiest way to get your data in (and the one I'll be dealing with here) is Excel. As I'm importing iPads I've selected "Member" as the import data type.

Click "Next";
EasyPush: Import Wizard > Select Datasource
Now you need to pick the Excel datafile you wish to import. This can either be a remote file on your machine or a file on a remote server.

Click "Next";
EasyPush: Import Wizard > Select a worksheet
 Now you are presented with a drop down list of the worksheets within the Excel file. You can only import data from a single worksheet, select it here and then click "Next";

EasyPush: Import Wizard > Select member type and roles
On this page you can select the type of member and the roles you wish to assign to them. As you can see all the members in the file get the same roles so if you are looking for finer granularity than that split the file up into different files each for a different set of roles - this is what I did and it meant I had to run through this process a few times but that was still a lot easier than going back through the iPads after they've been loaded and resetting the permissions then!

As the UUID is the key if the member already exists I have selected to Udpate the record. I'm not auto generating the password and as my file doesn't contain emails I'm not sending credentials.

Click "Next";
EasyPush: Import Wizard > Create Mapping
Now you need to map the column headings in Excel to their corresponding fields in EasyPush. UDID was done by default, the others I had to pick. When you're done click "Next";

EasyPush: Import Wizard > Confirm
You are now presented with a summary of the options you've selected. Click "Next" when you're happy they're correct;

EasyPush: Import Wizard > Import Finished

This summary shows you the number of records insert and the errors. The records have now been successfully created in the system.

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