Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iOS: Upgrading an iPad to iOS 6.1

The purpose of this blog post is to show you the steps involved in upgrading your iPad from a previous version of iOS to version 6.1 (the version released on the 28th January 2013). The starting point is to bring up the "Settings" application on your iPad and select "General";

iOS: Settings Application
Select "Software Update" (the second option from the top);
iOS: Software Update
If there is a software update available you'll see the details on this screen. Click "Download and Install";
iOS: Terms and Conditions
You're now presented with the iOS Terms and Conditions. After reading this (which, of course, everyone does) and digesting it's full meaning click "Agree" at the top right;
iOS: Software Update/ Power Warning
If you are running on battery power you get this warning. Now the update will take a good few minutes to download (depending on your broadband connection) during which your WiFi connection will be active and draining your battery - if you're really unlucky and the power chooses the moment you're installing the upgrade to go then there is a risk that you'll brick your iPad so if you're not sure you have enough power it's best to plug in.

Click "Continue";
iOS: Downloading Software Update
The download will now start, as you can see the timing for me was about 17 minutes - your mileage will vary (in fairness to my broadband provider I was also downloading and upgrading an iPhone and an Apple TV at the same time!).

Once it's complete;
iOS: Software Update Installation Dialog
Once the download has completed you can choose to install it now or later. Assuming you want to install it now click "Install";
iOS: Verifying Update
Verifying will take a few minutes and once that's complete the iPad will reboot and install the update. This usually takes around 5 minutes on an iPad 2. Generations 3 and 4 will be quicker;
iOS: iOS 6 Welcome Screen
Once the software installation has completed you're presented with the above screen. Slide the slider across to start configuring iOS 6;
iOS: Enter Passcode
If it's a corporate device or you care in any way about the privacy of the data on your iPad you'll have a passcode. You'll be prompted to enter it before you can progress to the next step. Once you've entered it click "OK";
iOS: Update Completed
This is just a holding screen, touch "Continue";
iOS: Apple ID Sign In
Enter your Apple password. If you haven't already logged in with an Apple ID on the device I imagine you'll be prompted for it at this point. If you don't want to setup and Apple ID just click "Skip This Step" (under the right side of the password entry box). When you've entered your password click "Return" on the keyboard;
iOS: Updating iCloud
Your iCloud settings are now updating. Once that's complete you'll move straight onto the next screen. Interestingly you still get this screen even if iCloud is disabled on your device (as it is on mine - corporate policy). After a few seconds the next screen appears;
iOS: Messaging
You'll see a list of the email and mobile account numbers associated with your iMessage and FaceTime accounts. Once you've activated/ deactivated the ones you require touch "Next" (at the top-right);
iOS: Thank You
A simple screen confirming your iPad is now ready to use. Touch "Start Using iPad";
iOS: Homescreen
And you're now back to your home screen - which should be exactly how you left it prior to the upgrade.

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