Monday, February 4, 2013

EasyPush: Administration Interface Overview

Logging In

The content management system (CMS) for EasyPush is a piece of software called Umbraco. Your login dialog will have been configured by your administrator but will look something like this;
EasyPush: CMS Login page
After you have entered your username and password click “Login”.

First Look

On successfully logging in you will be presented with the following screen;
EasyPush: Start Page

Search Box

Use the search box if you know what you’re looking for and quickly want to be taken to it. For example if you are looking to change the settings for a piece of media and know its name it will probably be quicker to search for it rather than browsing through the Media Section.

Navigation View

This home an expandable tree view showing you the details for the section you’ve selected. Click on the white triangle next to an item to expand it, click on the black triangle to collapse it.

You will only have permission to view your area (if the system has been configured correctly!).


At the bottom left of the screen is a box headed “Sections”. These are;
  • Content = This is how you publish your Media to end-users
  • Media = The Media (i.e. files) you intend to publish
Selecting a Section will reset the Navigation View to show what is available for that session but will not clear the Main Window (it will continue to display whatever it was displaying previously until you click on something in the Navigation View).

Other sections are available, but if you are setup as a "normal" user who is going to be publishing documents then it's pretty unlikely you will need any of the other sections.

Main Window/ Details/ Right Panel

All three mean the main area of the website and I'm afraid I'll be using them pretty interchangeably through these blog posts - apologies for that in advance! When you click on items in the Navigation View the details will be displayed here.

Current User

The currently logged in username.

Changing Your Password

After you have logged in for the first time it’s important that you change your password. The easiest way to do this is immediately upon logging in click on the “Change Password” tab (top of the Main Window);
EasyPush: Changing Your Password

This will then change the Main Window to display the “Change Your Password” entry form;
EasyPush: Change Your Password dialog
Enter your new password (twice) and then click “Change Password”.

Alternatively you can change your password by clicking on the “Users” section (bottom left);
EasyPush: Sections (Users Highlighted)
This will change the Navigation View to display the user information, expand the “users” item until you can see a list of users and select yourself. Once you’ve done that on the right the Main Window will display your details;
EasyPush: Changing A Users password
Click on “Change password” (highlighted above);
EasyPush: Changing A Users Password
Enter the New Password (twice) and then click on the “Save” icon at the top of the Main Window;
EasyPush: Saving Changes

Sections: Content

In this section you manage the display of your Media to the end-users. This is the default Navigation View that is displayed when you login.

Navigating Content is similar to navigating a folder structure in Windows Explorer.

You will only have access to the sites you have permission to see. If you need access to additional sites contact your local administrator.

If you click on an item you will see the details;
EasyPush: Content Section
 The first thing you’ll notice is that there are two save buttons. The new button saves and publishes your changes (in one go) – until you publish a change it won’t be visible to your end users.

Depending on the type of item you select the details in the Main Window will change;
  • Standard Screen = Newsticker, General, Defaults, Infobox, and Properties
  • Assets Overview Screen = General and Properties
  • Documents = General, Settings, and Properties
Right-clicking an item in the Navigation View brings up an additional menu;
EasyPush: Right-click Additional Actions Menu
See additional documentation for how to work with content in the blog post Working With Screens.

Sections: Media

This section allows you to manage the Media (videos, PDF’s, etc) that you would like to deploy to users (via the Content section).

When you click on Media you are presented with a Navigation View for the Media Library stored on the server;
EasyPush: Media Library
In the Content Library it is possible to grant permissions to users to be able to see individual folders but in the Media Section you can automatically see everything at or beneath the level to which you have access.

More information on publishing Media items is available in the blog post Working With Media.

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