Thursday, January 31, 2013

iOS: Updating An Application Using Apps@Work (via MobileIron)

When MobileIron installs an applicaiton on a users device it is outside of Apple's usual "Update" process and so the application does not get updated (and the user does not get notified) when a new version is released.

Fortunately MobileIron allows you to send messages to users devices using Apple's Notification Center. These messages can be used to inform users that they need to update an application.

The user will be aware that there is an update when they open the Apps@Work application;

MobileIron: Apps@Work (Showing an Update)
For example in the screen shot above an updated version of the EasyPush application is available. Clicking on the "Update" link will take the user to the details;

MobileIron: Updated Application Details
Here you can (if it's been configured in MobileIron) show the user screen shots and detail all the exciting new features they could be enjoying. Sadly when I took this screen shot it was before I did any of that! To install the new version of the application click "Request" (on the right);

MobileIron: App Update Dialog
This dialog will then appear, click "Update" to install the update;
iOS: Updating An Application
Application updates installed via MobileIron appear in exactly the same way as normal Apple application updates (i.e. blue bar/ waiting > blue bar/ installing > etc).
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