Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iOS: Configuring Accellion iOS Application

In order to use the Accellion application you'll need to have access to a server upon which the Accellion software is installed. I'd expect this application to only really be useful to people working in a corporate environment.

The first step (on the iOS device) is to install the software. Do a search for "Accellion" in the App Store;
iOS: Accellion Application in the App Store
The application is FREE (and is a universal application for iPad and iPhone) so you can just install it. Once it's installed open it;
Accellion: Service URL
Here you need to enter the URL that you have been provided with to access your Server. Typically you will receive an email with the details in. You can only connect to a single server at a time - not quite so useful if you have multiple customers or suppliers who you want to connect to!

Once you've entered the URL touch "Login" to get to the next screen;
Accellion: Authorizing ...
You need to enter the E-mail and Password you have already created on the Accellion website. If you've forgotten your password there is a "Forgot password?" link. Once you've entered your details touch "Login";
Accellion: Creating a new PIN
If you haven't already you'll be prompted with this dialog to Create a PIN to secure your device. One more thing for you to remember! Once you've created the pin touch "OK";
Accellion: Remote/ Local File Selector
You now have either the choice to look at files locally or remotely. Touch on the folder icon (in yellow) to see a list of the workspaces on the server you have access to;
Accellion: Available Workspaces
Touching a workspace will give you access to the files in it.

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