Thursday, January 31, 2013

iOS: Deploying a New (In-house) Application via MobileIron

First login to Mobile Iron and go to the "Apps & Files" tab, then "App Distribution" (change the drop down to iOS) and click the "Add App" link;

MobileIron: Apps & Files > App Distribution
When you've clicked the link the "Add App Wizard" dialog will appear;

MobileIron: Add App Wizard Dialog
Click "Next";

MobileIron: Add App Wizard, Basic App Info
This blog post is about deploying an "in-house" application (one which you've either built yourself or purchased for internal distribution).

Use the Browse button to select the .ipa file for the application you with to distribute and then you need to choose whether or not the application should be iPad only and select your preferred Managed Application Settings from the table above. Typically you'll want to popup a dialog to install the application as soon as the device registers so I usually leave everything set to "Yes".

Click "Next";

MobileIron: Add App Wizard > Additional App Info
The application I'm working on deploying is the iOS part of the software testing suite provided by Ranorex (see here). I've downloaded the source, built it, and then signed it with the company distribution certificates.

This page in the wizard allows you to enter some details about the application. Generally the only thing you need to add is the description and to decide if you want to use Data Protection.

Click "Next" when you've made your selections;

MobileIron: Add App Wizard > App Images
Select the main application icon you want to use for the application (most Xcode projects will include the icon in the source so you can just use that). Add any iPhone or iPad screen shots you wish users to see when choosing to install the application and then click "Next";

MobileIron: Add App Wizard > Thank You
 And you're done, the application has been successfully uploaded to the MobileIron server. It's worth noting that the application won't actually be able to be deployed to any devices until you have labeled it.
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