Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EasyPush: Installing EasyPush on an iPad (via MobileIron)

The EasyPush application is available via the “Apps@Work” icon on standard company iPads;

MobileIron: Apps@Work
When you start Apps@Work it will connect to your company App Store and show you all the applications you are eligible for;

MobileIron: Apps@Work Application List
To install EasyPush touch the “EasyPush” line and you’ll be taken to the application details screen;

MobileIron: EasyPush Application Details
On this screen touch the “Request” button, after a few seconds a popup will appear;

iOS: App Installation Dialog
Push “Install”. You’ll then be taken back to your home screen while the EasyPush application downloads and installs (this should only take a few seconds);

EasyPush: Application Installation
After the application has downloaded run it. A security dialog will appear;

iOS: "Are You Sure?" Dialog
Push “Continue” and the application will start;

EasyPush: Start Screen showing "Update" Button
After a few seconds an “Update” button will appear (highlighted above). Push it. EasyPush will now start downloading configuration files from the server;

EasyPush: Download Updates
Once the download is complete it will display whatever the users have permission to see.

Troubleshooting Installation/ First Run

I can’t find Apps@Work?

First of all swipe to the far-left and use the search to make sure it’s not hidden in one of the users folders. If you still can’t find it then check to see if MobileIron is installed (again use search). If it’s not then you need to install it, if it is open it and check to see it’s connecting correctly with the server. When you open MobileIron you should see something like;

MobileIron: Connection and Device Status
 If you do then go into Settings, and then select “Re-Enroll Device” (push “Re-Enroll” when prompted).

“No Certificate Installed” – error

You should only get this error when you are attempting to open the Apps@Work icon on a new iPad that has only just had MobileIron installed on it. The issue is caused by MobileIron not having installed all the profiles yet – if you open MobileIron, go into Settings, and then select “Re-Enroll Device” (push “Re-Enroll” when prompted).

Pushing “REQUEST” in Apps@Work Doesn’t Install the Application

There is no fix for this problem (that I have found) only doing a factory reset on the device. Go into Settings > General > Reset (at the bottom) > Erase All Content and Settings.

You have to pick “Erase All Content and Settings” just erasing settings does not work. You need to start again with the iPad and re-install MobileIron to fix the issue.

Pushing “UPDATE” in EasyPush just results in the same blank screen

The users settings in EasyPush are incorrect – in essence it’s showing them nothing because they don’t have permissions to see anything.

They need to be added as a Member and granted the appropriate permissions.

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