Monday, February 4, 2013

EasyPush: Setting Up Members

Log into the EasyPush and click on the “members” section (at the bottom left);
EasyPush: Available Sections
In the “Members” section you have four nodes to the tree view; Members, Member Groups, Member Types, and Export members;
EasyPush: Members Navigation View
Right-click “Members” and a drop-down menu will appear with two options; Create and reload nodes (if only reload nodes is visible then you clicked Members at the very top of the tree view, click the Members directly above Member Groups).
EasyPush: Create Option (For New Member)
Click on “Create”.
EasyPush: Create Member Dialog
One thing it's very difficult to get right (and consistent!) on these systems is naming convention. For example our naming convention is;
•    Name = <Last name> <First name> (i.e. Smith John)
•    Choose Member Type = Default (the only option)
•    Login Name = <first character of First Name><Last name>[<unique id – if necessary>] (i.e. jsmith, or jsmith1, jsmith2, etc)
•    E-mail = The users email
•    Password = Leave as auto-generated

Press [RETURN] to create the entry.

In order to see the entry you’ve just created (and complete the process of setting it up) right-click “Members” and choose “Reload nodes” then expand the “Members” node and the node for the first letter of the Name of the user you’ve just created.

For example, after creating the member “Smith John” the new member will be located under “Members > Members > j”.

Select the new member and the page on the right will show the details;
EasyPush: Member Details
There are three tabs; iPad, Push Notification, and Properties. iPad will be selected by default.

To find the UDID you need either original orders/ packaging, or to connect the device to iTunes (as shown in “iOS- Finding Your UDID, Mobile Data Number, IMEI, or ICCID in iTunes 11” blog).

Once you’ve got the number enter it here, set the Last Update Time to today and click the “Save” icon.

You can ignore the “Push Notification” tab and click on the “Properties” tab;
EasyPush: Member Properties
At the bottom of this tab is the groups this member is in, select the appropriate groups (using the >> and << buttons) and then click the “Save” icon.

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