Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EasyPush: Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

To start the application locate EasyPush on your iPad;
iOS: EasyPush Icon
And touch the icon.

When you start the application you will see;
EasyPush: Example Homepage
The interactive areas on the screen are the buttons on the left (each grey box with a ">" symbol on the right), the Home button at the top right and the buttons to the left of it, and (on some screens only) the infobox at the bottom right.

Managing Updates

After you’ve logged in at the top-right you may see an “UPDATE” button;

EasyPush: Update Button
If you do an update is available, pushing this button will download and install the update.

Getting Around In EasyPush

Touch the links to the right to be taken to a new page;

EasyPush: New Page Links
Use the links at the top right to move back a page (or direct to home);

EasyPush: Backwards Links
When you’re viewing a document page, touch the document to view it;

EasyPush: Document
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