Friday, August 26, 2011

Opening Ports On Your Virgin Media Super-Hub

This blog post provides a simple walk-through that will allow you to open up ports on your Virgin Media Super-Hub. One reason why you might want to do this is to enable your iTunes/ AppleTV to talk to the internet time servers so you can play rented content.

NOTE: If, after you have followed these steps, the port is still not accessible then you need to do a full reset of your Super-Hub and then try again. Very annoying but unfortunately this is what Virgin Media themselves recommend.

Go to the Virgin Media Super-Hubs administration website;
Super-Hub: Main Administration Portal Logon Screen
The username and password are on a sticker attached to your super-hub. Enter the details and click on "Continue" to log-in;
Super-Hub: Standard Configuration Page
This is the standard configuration screen, at the middle in the bottom there is an "Advanced Settings" link. Click on this;
Super-Hub: Advanced Configuration (Main Page)
This is quite a complicated screen with lots of links down the side. The one you're interested in is "Port Triggering", it's in the "Advanced" group;
Super-Hub: Port Triggering Window
In order to open a port you now need to enter the port address and select the protocol (or just leave it as "Both" if you're not sure).

Click "Apply" (making sure you've checked the "Enable" checkbox!) and then the port will be open.
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