Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iOS: Army of Darkness Defense on the iPad

This blog post provides a quick and easy solution for this game that will allow you to get through the 50 levels in a few hours with minimal risk.

I really enjoyed this game, I guess it's an appreciation of the film as well as my general like of the Tower Defence - style games.

One line summary; Use the Peasants!
Level 50: Charge of the Peasants!
Just pump out Peasants. Don't worry about anything bigger and "better". Just upgrade the smithy and keep pumping out Peasants as quickly as you can get the resources.

There. That was quick and easy wasn't it?

Now here's why;
Peasants cost 5 so you can pump them out pretty fast (especially when you can get the smithy up to level 3) and they do a fair amount of damage if you keep upgrading them. At level 11 (yes, they go to 11) they do 301 damage and have a 1337 health.

Compare this to, for example, the Spearman who costs 15 and at MAX level does 459 damage and has 945 health. Ok, that's more damage but you can have THREE Peasants for the cost of one Spearman so technically they are about to do 903 damage with 4011 total health. They will also attack more rapidly (having in effect 3 attacks to the Spearmans 1) so they do the damage more quickly and therefore reduce the chances of being damaged back.

This comparrison becomes even more pronounced when you are looking at the higher level Troops like Arthur (cost 55), Horseman (cost 45), and Henry (cost 65). That's 11, 9 and 13 Peasants respectively (or 3311/ 2709/ 3913 damage) - how can even a fully upgraded Arthur compare with that?!

And let's not forget the "Sword Boy" upgrade to the Peasants replaces their pitchforks with swords and so upgrades their damage still further!

With an Army of Peasants behind you you are much more likely to die because of your own risk-taking (aka. "Coin grabbing") than due to the Deadites getting to the book.

Level 50 Solution: Now this is really hard, it's unlikely you will manage to do it on your first try and end-of-game baddie is really tough. The key though is to get rid of his army and leave just him. I used the Deathcoaster in combination with Peasants and Archers to wipe out his supporting army and then, because of his slow attack speed, you can just pump out peasants and he is only able to kill one a hit and as you can pump them out faster than he can kill them it's just a matter of time until he dies (slamming him with a few additional Deathcoasters helps though!).

And here are the risks;
Occasionally you get enough Peasants together to allow the Deadites to gather into a large group (much more likely on the later levels) I tend to use the Deathcoaster to break these up wherever I can as well as some intervention with Ash and his Boomstick can also help. As the Peasants arrive one at a time to the large group of Deadites it can be very difficult to stop them but they key is just to keep pumping out Peasants

On Endless mode you get swamped so quickly that it's not really possible to just use Peasants - if you are looking to play the Endless mode you might want to make sure, despite using Peasants to complete the 50 levels, you keep your higher ups upgraded!

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