Friday, August 26, 2011

Identifying The IP Address Of Your Router

Go to the Windows start menu and into the search box type "cmd.exe" - this will bring up Windows command-line interface;
Windows 7 command-line interface (cmd.exe)
Your view will be slightly different depending on whether or not you're running Windows 7. It doesn't really matter through as the functionality is only slightly different.

Type in the following;


There will be a large amount of text flashing past on the screen;
Windows 7 ipconfig output
You need to go back through it and look for key items. Depending on whether or not you have a Wireless or a Wired (Ethernet) Connection you need to find the value for "Default Gateway". In the screen output above the IP address you would need is

In the diagram 1 is the wired connection, 2 is the wireless connection - often they've the same (as in this case). If you have both and they're different then you should pick the Wired connection as your first try.

Type this IP address into a web browser (i.e. to get to your router.

NOTE: If you are connecting to your Router Wirelessly then some routers can be configured to only allow wired connections to access the admin website. If the above address does not work and you are trying to connect wirelessly then you need to switch to a wired connection and try again.
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