Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EasyPush: Creating Member Groups To Control iPad Experience

This blog covers how to setup and configure Member Groups to control the distribution of content within the EasyPush iPad Application.

The first step is to login to the administrative console (back-end);

EasyPush: Umbraco Admin Interface
Click on the "Members" section in the bottom left;

EasyPush: Members Section
The bit we're interested in is the node titled "Member Groups". If you click the triangle you'll see the groups already configured on the server. To create a new group right-click the node and select "Create";

EasyPush: Creating a New Members Group
Enter the name you're after and then click "Create".

The new group you've created will then be listed at the bottom of the nodes in the navigator and automatically selected (so you'll see the properties);

EasyPush: Member Group Properties
You'll notice that the only property is the name.

Now you need to configure Members to be part of your new group.

Click the triangle (expand) the "Members" node in the Navigation View and then search for a user to add to your new group;

EasyPush: Members

Click on the "Properties" tab (1);

EasyPush: Member Properties (With Group Membership)
Select the group you want to add to the member in the list on the left (2) and then click the double-arrow to move it across (3).

Click "Save" to save the changes.

You now need to look at the others documents I've produced as part of my work with Easypush (see Easypush Documentation Summary) and create some content that is can only be deployed to the new group you've created to test it.
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