Friday, May 18, 2012

Noetix: Extracting All Changes To a NoetixView To A Single File

NOTE: Last update, adding in some more information to the report, new version 0.9.2. It's now a requirement that you use this script to Omit Columns (makes the SQL much more readable, and reduces the amount of code that needs to be updated when Noetix update their processes - as they did at 6.0.2).

The purpose of this script is to combine all the changes made by a specific group of users to a single NoetixView template (in the tables N_View_Column_Templates, N_View_Table_Templates, and N_View_Where_Templates) into a single file split into four sections according to the template below;

-- NOTE: All changes to a single Noetix view should be included in one file (base view changes
--   should be in a separate file)

-- Section 1: Removing existing columns, queries, etc use a single update where possible

-- Section 2: Table (and Where clause) additions. Group by the change, not the type (i.e. add the
--   first table, then add the where clauses for the first table, then the second table, then the
--   where clauses for the second table, etc)

-- Section 3: Column Additions (in alphabetical order of Column_Label)

-- Section 4: Updates



The script is available here (via Google Docs), because it's quite long I've not copied/ pasted it into this blog.

Just to give you some idea we have approximately 3,000 files, the aim of using this script is to reduce this to a more manageable number (in the ten's).

The newly announced NoetixViews Workbench will (hopefully) further reduce the need for these legacy files.

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