Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Noetix Customisations (Per Month)

We are in the final stages of completing our R11 to R12 migration project and I thought it would be useful (because someone asked) to talk about the Customisations we have made to NoetixViews during the course of the project.

These are changes that you could submit to Noetix to be covered by a Noetix Customisation Maintenance (NCM) agreement (i.e. standard changes to views/ columns).

Changes Per Month
The chart shows that we have had a peak of over 400 changes in the month before our "go-live" (which was January 2012). This number of changes is likely to be either a new view (or a couple of new views!) or some mass omitting of columns (for example those whose descriptions start with "OBSOLETE" at R12!).

It's worth noting that by definition a row that's created is also updated so there is some "doubling up" in the numbers.

For those of you interested in the RAW data here is is (via Google Docs).

Here are our top customisations per view;

The views I've highlighted in red are completely new views we had to create to fill a gap. The INV_X_Dispensing view is a new view we created because of our customised dispensing module, all the other views we have created are reporting against standard Oracle Functionality (for example the RA_Customers_All view is simply the RA_Customers view without filtering out customers).

Hopefully I'll be able to publish all our customisations at some later date.
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