Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Noetix: INV_Period_Close_Details and Process Manufacturing (at Release 12)

If you are one of Oracles (few) Process Manufacturing module customers like us you will already have noticed that there are substantual changes to Noetix when you go from Release 11 to Release 12. One of the most significant is the change from using the GMI_Month_End_Inventory view (which has been rendered obsolete by Oracles changes) to using the INV_Period_Close_Details template.

The first thing you'll notice when running against R12 is that if you do;

  FROM INV_Period_Close_Details;

In your test system you will get ZERO rows (unless you are also an Oracle Discrete Manufacturing customer in which case you will just get your rows from Discrete manufacturing).

The reason for this is the inclusion of the table BOM.CST_PERIOD_CLOSE_SUMMARY as the source for the costing data. This table is not used by Process Manufacturing (the correct table in GMF.GMF_PERIOD_BALANCES).

You have to wonder exactly what Process Manufacturing testing Noetix has done as this was *clearly* never going to work.

Luckily (for everyone else) we have been through the support loop with Noetix and they have produced a modified version of the INV_Period_Close_Details views which not only includes Process Manufacturing Costs but also includes Lot details - something that will be necessary if you are migrating from the Release 11 view to the Release 12 view.

The support reference number is B27089.

What the file does (for those of you trying to test/understand it) is to;
  1. Insert a new query (n_view_query_templates) based on the existing query, 
  2. Copies across all the tables from the existing query into the new query (including the CST_Period_Close_Summary table), 
  3. Add in the MTL tables (MTL_material_Statuses_tl, MTL_Grades_TL, MTL_Item_Locations, and MTL_Lot_Numbers
  4. Update the CPCS table (CST_Period_Close_Summary) replacing it with GMF.GMF_PERIOD_BALANCES in the new query,
  5. Copy across all the columns from the existing query that are associated with any table included in the new query,
  6. Update the Accounted_On_Hand and Period_Close_Quantity columns to use the correct values,
  7. Insert new columns based on the new tables (i.e. Lot_Grade_Code, Lot_Number, etc),
  8. Insert the requried n_view_col_property_templates records for flexfields,
  9. Copy across the existing WHERE-clause records,
  10. Insert new where clause components to join up new tables, and finally
  11. Update the version for the first query to be pre-Release 12

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