Friday, December 30, 2011

Oracle EBS: Java "Freezing" When Starting An Oracle Form

This is a very tricky problem and certainly not something you'd want to see when rolling out the Java update across your company. The error manifests itself by a "Warning - Security" dialog appearing and not allowing the user to click on anything on it;

"Frozen" Warning - Security Java Dialog

The only way to proceed beyond this point is to kill the Java process using Task Manager;
Windows Task Manager - Showing the java.exe process

Right-click the java.exe process and choose "End Process" (and then again on the dialog that appears).

Shutdown all Internet Explorer windows.

Start the "Java Control Panel" and select the Advanced tab and expand the "Java Plug-In" node in the tree view;
Java Control Panel - Advanced Tab - Java Plug-in Node Expanded
Check the checkbox and click "Apply" (you will need an Admin account in order to save the change), when it's saved you will see the following dialog;
Java Plug-In Settings Change

Now un-check the checkbox and click "Apply" (again you will need an admin account) and again you will see the settings change dialog.

Start Internet Explorer, Log into Oracle, and select a Form-based Function;
Oracle Form Displayed within Oracle E-Business Suite
Which should now be working correctly.

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