Monday, January 16, 2012

Google Knol: Final Farewell ...

So that's it, I've just migrated the last one of my Google Knols back to Blogger (where I started creating posts many many years ago). To be honest it's a great shame - I can't see how with Googles goals to get the whole of human knowledge online they can justify closing that service. It was convienent, easy to use, and gave me the feeling that I was contributing to something bigger than, say, a blog.

The bit I find most surprising is the lack of loyalty Google seems to be expecting from the many people who used Google Knol. I for one don't have any interest in transferring the documents I have spent literally years creating to a non-Google service. Even one recommended by Google. Not providing a migrating path to Blogger is incredible - I have literally no idea what they were thinking!

Anyway, here's to you Google Knol, it was fun while it lasted and you will, in my household at least, be sorely missed ...

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