Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Windows Phone 8: Turning Off Data Roaming

Whilst on many personal mobile packages it's possible (and relatively cheap) to buy international data roaming (specifically within the European Union) there will always be times when you want to make sure you are not roaming for data.

On Windows Phone 8 it's relatively easy, touch the "settings" icon;
Windows Mobile 8: Settings Application
Then scroll down until you see "mobile network" and touch that;
Windows Mobile 8: Settings
The second option, after your mobile network, is titled "Data Connection" and is typically set to "on".

Beneath that is a "Data roaming options" drop down that can either be set to "roam" or "don't roam";
Windows 8 Mobile: Roaming Settings

If you change the option then the explanation text beneath it changes;

(roam) - "Depending on your service agreement, you may incur extra changes when using data roaming"
(don't roam) - "When entering a roaming area, your data connection will be turned off"

If you don't want roaming charges to appear on your bill (for data) then select "don't roam" in the drop down. This takes effect immediately.

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