Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MobileIron: Resolving "MobileIron iOS App Multi-Tasking Is Disabled" error

This one took a few minutes to resolve so in order to save anyone else some time here is what you'll see in the MobileIron control panel;

MobileIron: Users and Devices
The warning is;

MobileIron iOS App Multitasking is Disabled
Verify Location Services is enabled on the device for the MobileIron app by going to Settings | Location Services, then launch the MobileIron app once.

If you have email notifications for your users turned on they'll have received a similar email message in their local language.

Unfortunately if you've been an iOS for quite some time the title of the message will confuse you - you can't switch of Multitasking anymore. As is probably the case for lots of people (like me) you'll reach for Google and not read the rest of the message which explains the problem and lets you know how to fix it.

The issue is, basically, that the MobileIron applicaiton cannot access Location Services. This will either be because Location Services has been compeltely turned off on the device or that the MobileIron application has been specifically denied access to it.

The first step to resolving it is to open the "Settings" application;

iOS7: Settings Application
 Touch the "Privacy" item on the left (at the bottom of the "General" group;

iOS7: Settings > Privacy
In this page you'll have details of how much information you are sharing. Touch "Location Services" at the top;
iOS7: Settings > Privacy > Location Services
As you can see from this screen shot MobileIron is explicitly denied access to Location Services. If you switch this back to green then the warning will go away.

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