Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Installing Active Directory Tools Under Windows 8

UPDATE: Full instructions for the installation can be found HERE (below was written for the Release Candidate).

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With Windows 8 now released (via MSDN anyway) I thought it was time to update my blog post on installing Active Directory Tools (primarily "Users and Computers") on the new operating system.

I have to admit I gave this a bit of a go when Windows 8 Release Preview was released but beyond my personal interest didn't see any point in sharing it.

Sadly while Windows 8 Enterprise is now available (see here) Microsoft has yet to update it's version of the Remote Server Tools for the final release of the OS - the existing version of the tools (Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview) available via the URL below;

Does not install on Windows 8 Enterprise (I've tested the 64-bit version only). It just crashes a few seconds in - which makes sense if it is tailored to only work on the Release Preview.

Hopefully over the next few days searching for "Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8" will yield something other than the following results;

As soon as it does I'll update this post.

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