Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Noetix: Release 11 to Release 12 Migration (Replacing Obsolete Views)

While migration to R12 with Noetix is very easy and relatively painless in some areas the significant changes in Inventory between the two versions make it practically impossible for Noetix views to handle the migration "invisibly" (as they tend to do in other areas like Account Payable).

This is especially true if your organisation, like mine, is taking this opportunity to do a bit of restructuring the system so that, for example, rather than using stock being in a particular warehouse to mean that it's a retained sample achieving the same thing using statuses and getting rid of the warehouse.

Here is a list of R11 and R12 Noetix View Templates with "suggested" replacements. It's not a complete list, but it is the list we have been working of for all our reports;

View Label >>>> Recommended Replacement
GMP_Forecast_Details >>>> INV_Forecasts
GMI_Unallocated_Inventory >>>> INV_Unallocated_Inventory view
GMI_Onhand_Inv_By_Lot  >>>> INV_Item_Onhand_By_Lot*
GMI_Onhand_Inv_By_Location  >>>> INV_Onhand_Quantities*
GMI_Month_End_Inventory  >>>> INV_Period_Close_Details*
GMI_Item_Master  >>>> INV_Items and INV_Item_Inventory_Attributes
GMI_Inv_Transactions  >>>> INV_Transactions or INV_Transaction_Details
GMF_Update_Subledger  >>>> GMF_SLA_Cost_Subledger
GMF_Cost_Warehouse_Assoc  >>>> GMF_Cost_Organization_Assc
GMF_Order_Details_Base  >>>> GMF_SLA_Cost_Subledger

*- The migration from R11 Process Manufacturing Inventory to R12 Common Inventory for us has been less than smooth and has not been helped by a few, dare I say it, "obvious" issues that Noetix should have addressed prior to us attempting the upgrade.

The most obvious issue was that in R12 there was no view that would tell us the lot number, the location, and the onhand quantity. The best we could do is two out of three. I just cannot imagine any organisation out there not wanting to see all three on the same report. This led to us having to make significant customisations in order for the migration path to actually be a migration path.

For example looking at the view template INV_Item_Onhand_By_Lot we have added the following customisation columns (with some additional information where appropriate);

ITEM  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=ITEM) << Flexfield
Item_Type  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=ITEM_TYPE)
Item_Type_Code  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=ITEM_TYPE)
LOCT  (Table Alias= LOCT, Column expression=LOCT) << Flexfield
Material_Status  (Table Alias= MMST, Column expression=DESCRIPTION)
Material_Status_Code  (Table Alias= MMST, Column expression=STATUS_CODE)
Organization_Code  (Table Alias= MPARM, Column expression=ORGANIZATION_CODE)

Here is our list of customisation to the GMI_Onhand_Inv_By_Lot view;
Company_Code  (Table Alias= XMAP, Column expression=COMPANY_CODE)
Company_Name  (Table Alias= XMAP, Column expression=COMPANY_NAME)
Inventory_Class  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=INV_CLASS)
Item_Cost_Class  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=ITEMCOST_CLASS)
Item_Id  (Table Alias= ITEM, Column expression=Item_Id)
Lots_MFD_Flag  (Table Alias= LOTS, Column expression=DECODE(LOTS.DELETE_MARK,0,'N',1,'Y'))
Qc_Hold_Reason_Code  (Table Alias= LOINV, Column expression=QCHOLD_RES_CODE)

I've highlighted the location flexfield which if you look at the Noetix columns for the original view seems to directly map to the INVENTORY_LOCATION_CODE. There seems to be no mapping for this column down the migration path we were recommended to take.

I'm currently going through the process of sorting out our customisations (something that I'm sure will greatly relieve Noetix Support!) and I'll be publishing as much as I possibly can of the work we've done (including the difference between Lot Status and Material_Status which I'm sure will intrigue and worry people).

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