Thursday, May 10, 2018

Office 365: Turning off Focused Mailbox in (Shared Mailbox hidden emails issue)

Welcome back. It's been a while :-)

Anyway, we recently had an issue with an Office 365 implementation that was preventing users who were accessing a shared mailbox from seeing all the emails. The problem was traced back to the "Focused" inbox. For the uses Inbox there was a clear option to disable this;

Focused Inbox (
As you can see the "Focused" and "Other" links in the inbox enable a quick way to switch between the types of email you wish to view. Unfortunately when the user scrolls down and looks in a shared mailbox the top options are no longer available;

Shared mailbox (without Focused and Other options)
Rather than default to showing all the emails the shared mailbox is only showing the Focused emails but with no way to switch this off.

On the plus side it's relatively easy to switch off the Focused inbox - but unfortunately, it has to be switched off for all mailboxes at once.

Click the settings cog at the top-right, and then the "Display Settings" option;

Settings > Display settings
This gives you the Display options;

Display settings
First, click the "Focused inbox", and then at the bottom select "Don't sort messages".

Finally, click "OK".

And that's it, the "Focused" link will have vanished and you'll see all emails in your inbox.

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