Saturday, September 29, 2012

Using iOS 6 Apple Maps "Report A Problem" Feature

As I'm sure you'll be aware Apple are experiencing a few problems with their brand new Apple Maps application for iOS 6 (see here for CEO Tim Cooks' public apology). One of the features of the new Maps application is a "Report A Problem" link, you can use this to report issues to Apple for them to fix - clearly they'll have a lot to do.

Here's how to report an issue;

  • First of all go to the location in Apple Maps which shows the problem you'd like to report;
  • Then click on the bottom-right "page" bit to see the settings;

  • Just above the "Print" button in *very* faint type (makes you wonder if they intended people to spot it doesn't it?!) there is a "Report a Problem" link. Click on this.

  • Now you pick the type of issue you want to report. Here's a tip; if you want your issue dealt with quickly (and that's a relative term!) don't select "My problem isn't listed" - I don't know what black hone that vanishes into but don't expect anyone to get back to you soon! For the sake of this example I'm going to pick "Location is missing" (as it is!);

  • At the top of the screen it says "Drag the pin to the correct location". Do that and then when you're done click "Next" at the top right;

  • Now you can enter as much details as you can for the item you're reporting as being missing. I'm reporting "Bar Hill Tesco" and I've picked the details of their website (I've even included the link so Apple can check it). Then click "Next";

  • Now, after you're spent all that time typing stuff in, it tells you that the map information and problem you've entered will be reported to Apple if you click "OK". You could just click "Cancel" if you want to have wasted your time.

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