Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sharing your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Calendar Within Your Organisation

This is something quite a few people want to do every now and then, it tends to make booking meeting for a large number of people a lot easier if you can see the couple of people who can't make it have, for example, just block-booked the time to work at their desks and could be persuaded to move it!

Open Microsoft Outlook and click on "Calendar";

Calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2007
Now right-click your Calendar under "My Calendars" on the left and select "Share Calendar" from the list which appears;
Microsoft Outlook 2007 "Sharing Invitation" Dialog
Now you just need to enter the individuals (or distribution list) that you want to Share your Calendar with in the "To" box and click "Send".

They will then receive an email along the lines of;
Microsoft Outlook "Sharing Invitation" Email Notification
The user receiving the email just had to click "Open" and your Calendar will be visible.

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