Monday, February 20, 2012

SSRS: Changing US-format Date/Time Pickers (SharePoint Integrated Mode)

If you have, like us, configured your servers and clients for a non-US locale and then been surprised to see that when running SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) all the date/time pickers seem still, somehow, to be stuck in US Date/Time format the fix is actually incredibly easy.

Basically the issue is that SharePoint uses neither the Locale of the Server or the Locale of the User but instead uses the SharePoint culture to determine the format that the Date/Time pickers will use.

In order to fix the issue you need to be able to administer the site in order to update the Regional Settings.

Go to your SharePoint website;
"Site Actions" on a SharePoint site
Using the "Site Actions" drop down select "Site Settings";
Site Settings in SharePoint
Under the "Site Administration" section select "Regional settings";
Site Settings > Regional Settings in SharePoint
Change the locale (which should be saying "English (United States)") to the correct locale.

Date/Time pickers will now be in UK-format (or whatever format you have selected);
SSRS Date/Time Pickers Showing UK-format
NOTE: It's worth noting that if you set your users settings to a different region the settings on the Site seem to take precedence to your personal settings.

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