Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SSRS: Repeating Column Headings Not Appearing

This blog post covers how to make changes to your existing SQL Server Reporting Services Report to ensure that the Column Headings appear at the top of every page. The steps (and screen shots) below come from Report Builder 3 running against SQL Server 2008R2.

Looking at a standard report the first thing you will have tried is to set the "Repeat Column Header" and "Repeat Row Header" on the table. For whatever reason this doesn't work and you'll then have found yourself here (probably via Google!);
In order to make repeating headers actually work the first thing you need to do is to turn on "advanced" mode for Row/Column Groups. You do this by clicking on the down arrow at the far-right of the section;
And selecting "Advanced Mode".

This will then add in some of the "Hidden" levels in the Row Groups entry box;
If you select the top item "Static" and view the properties you can see the "RepeatOnNewPage" property (at the bottom of the "Other" section);
Changing this to "True" will make the column headings repeat on each page.
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