Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oracle EBS: Changing "Justification" to "Description" in Internet Expenses

Now this is a pretty obscure one, I'd be amazed if there were too many people out there who had this problem!

Basically the issue is that I work for a company that rather than having the traditional pyramid structure of management with the people at the top never talking to anyone we have a much flatter structure and if you are brand new in through the door and fancy talking to the MD about something ... then that's fine (even encouraged).

In light of this different culture people who tested our i-Expenses system commented that the word "Justification" wasn't really in keeping with the companies culture. We also didn't require a "justification" to make an expense claim, but a Description would sure help us authorise it. It's a fairly simple change so why not?!

First of all you need to login and select the "System Administrator" responsibility, then go into "Profiles > System" and query for "Personalize Self-Service Defn%". By default this is set to "No", you need to set it to "Yes" (and remember to switch it off after you're done!):

Figure 1: Setting System Profile Options

Next you need to log out and choose the "Internet Expenses" responsibility and then go into the website. You'll notice that there is a "Personalize" link at the the top right of the page and various other links through the website. You can use these to change the way the page displays. You can also use these to make the site completely unusable - so be careful!

The "Description" we are trying to change is on the "Receipt-based Expenses" page. So you need to create a new expense claim and click through to that page (we won't be submitting, so it doesn't matter what you enter). Your screen will look something like this:

Figure 2: Cash and Other Expenses Page

A new link has appeared above the table beginning "Personalize" ... Clicking this link gets you to the field you need to edit quicker, but clicking any link and drilling down will work just as well (well, I'm assuming here ...!).

Now you will need to move down the list of options until you find "Message Text Input: Justification", then click the pencil (edit) to the right:

Figure 3: Editing "Justification"

Clicking on the pencil will display the following screen:

Figure 4: Changing Text

I have highlighted the entry boxes to change "Justification" for your entire organisation. If you just want to change it for your site (or even just for you) then use the boxes immediately to their left.

Clicking on the circular arrow next to the entry boxes restores them to "Inherit" which in effect deletes your change.

NOTE: When you look for these items again (say you wanted to change back to "Justification") then in Figure 3 where it shows "Justification" it would now show "Description".
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